Our Skills

Our management team have extensive experience in event planning and delivery, risk assessment and emergency and evacuation planning. EventAid take pride in delivering high quality service to our clients and are well equipped to manage the most serious of injuries or medical conditions. Our staff will regularly liaise with you, nearby health facilities, and the Ambulance Service where required to ensure your event runs smoothly.

All EventAid staff are qualified to a minimum standard of Certificate II Health Services (First Responder). This qualification includes the use of advanced oxygen equipment, defibrillation, asthma management, spinal injuries and allergy management. Although this is the minimum standard, many of our staff exceed this standard as qualified ambulance paramedics, registered nurses and doctors. We also employ a range of medical students who provide expertise within their relevant fields.

Each staff member holds a current “Working With Children Check”, National Police Record checks and are over the age of 18. To ensure we represent your event and provide you and your patrons with a level of professionalism and maturity, EventAid do not engage crew members under the age of 18 in the delivery of event first aid services.


In addition to clinical skills, various staff are trained in command, control and coordination emergency management principles, which will be applied to our deployment at your event.

Event Aid staff offer a broad range of skills to ensure the success of your event.

First Responders: First Aiders with advanced skills including oxygen, defibrillation, and asthma management.

Health Care Professionals: Our team includes registered professionals such as doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Command Staff: Experienced event managers that have managed first aid and medical services at all Victorian major events.

Emergency Management and Event Planning: With years of event and risk management experience senior members of our management team can provide you with advice on your medical plans. We can also guide you in working with emergency management agencies to ensure a well-planned & safe event.


A number of specialist vehicles support the EventAid team. They have been purpose built to match the exact requirements of the work we do.

Response Cars
These vehicles provide a means of response to incidents at events that are spread out over a large geographical area. Crews are highly trained to provide advanced intervention until the arrival of an ambulance or additional EventAid resources.

Bike Team
Bike Teams provide highly visible, rapid, quality patient care at events where responding by foot or motorised vehicle would be a less effective means of first response. Crews receive specialist training in bicycle handling, crowd behaviour, efficient access techniques and advanced first aid and medical services. Equipment carried includes all of the equipment ambulances use in the first few minutes of incidents from band-aids to defibrillators.

Stretcher Capable Vehicles
These vehicles provide a facility for treatment where first aid posts are not available and a means of transporting casualties within the confines of a venue. These vehicles are not licensed to transport casualties to hospital and cannot be used in place of State Ambulance Service resources.

Medical ATV’s
Our All Terrain Vehicles provide a means of transporting responders and casualties over rough terrain and difficult to access areas. These vehicles have also been successfully deployed at community festivals and other events spread over large areas.

Fire / Safety Response Units
Our fire and safety vehicles provide a means of responding to incidents at all types of events and venues. Equipped with fire suppression, basic rescue and traffic management resources an effective first response to incidents of all types can be provided.

Communications – Radio Network

EventAid have an independent communications network made up of three securely licensed, dedicated channels. At large events our control point will be co-located or close by to the event management centre to ensure interagency communication is as effective as possible.

Our infrastructure includes portable radios, base radios and mobile repeaters to extend coverage. We have access to various other networks ensuring communication is effective in even the most remote areas.

A clear structure assists our central control point to coordinate resources and ensure the closest crew is always dispatched to calls for assistance.